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Bontoux Inc.

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Bontoux S.A.S

Producer and developer of aromatic ingredients

Based in the heart of the Drôme region of Provence, the Bontoux company has established itself over the years as a major international supplier of aromatic ingredients for the production of fragrances, flavors, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, etc.

The aromatic ingredients made by Bontoux are derived from the endless, and endlessly surprising, bounty of nature. Our experts deploy the most sophisticated, effective technologies in order to offer you top-quality, complex, original products of natural origin.

In this overview of Bontoux's activity you can discover our range of available ingredients, the techniques we have mastered, our global sales network, and more. Technology doesn't yet allow us to share fragrances with you over the Internet, but we invite you to unleash your olfactory imagination as you read these pages devoted to the many wonderful odors in the world around us.

To learn all about Bontoux's products, you can browse our catalogue by product family, olfactory family, extract type or production technique.

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You can also find valuable information and documentation about the company and its products, including technical brochures, press reviews, etc.